Society, Culture, and Communication Pathway

Are you interested in a rewarding career working with children, parents, and families?
Do you want to become a teacher or work in the field of education?

We offer 28 certificates & degrees that can help you start a new and rewarding career.

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Nezabeth Diaz
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Society, Culture, and Communication Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Academic Readiness C
Academic Readiness, Bilingual GED Preparation C
Advanced ESL SC
Art History AA-T
Chicano Studies AA
Communication Studies AA-T
English AA-T
English for Academic Purposes Advanced 1 C
English for Academic Purposes Advanced 2 C
English for Academic Purposes Intermediate 1 C
English for Academic Purposes Intermediate 2 C
English Literacy and Civics SC
Essential English Skills - Beginning C
Essential English Skills - Intermediate C
Essential English Skills - Speaking C
General Studies Arts & Humanities AA
General Studies Communication & Literature AA
General Studies Social & Behavioral Sciences AA
High Intermediate ESL SC
Low Advanced ESL SC
Non-Traditional Leadership for Community Enhancement C
Pathway to Citizenship C
Philosophy AA-T
Political Science AA-T
Psychology AA-T C
Social Justice Studies: Chicano/Chicana Studies AA-T
Sociology AA-T
Spanish AA-T
The Art and Practice of Conflict Resolution C