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Allied Health : Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide : CNA-HHA Courses/Certificate

CNA-HHA Courses/Certificate

Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide LAMC Certificate Required Courses (17 units)* and Recommended Sequence:

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide

First Semester
Second Semester


In the [Search] box, type "nurse assistant" and click on the Search Result

Check out the video about PROGRAM MAPPER on
*For information about Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, & Advisories, review: 


*How to qualify for enrollment in NRS-HCA 399AB+056 (9-unit, one-semester CNA-HHA Training Program for CDPH Licensing):

  1. Review *Application & Enrollment Requirements* and *Weekly Schedule*.
    • Students must attend all days listed on the *Weekly Schedule* during the CNA-HHA Training Program.
  2. Attend ORIENTATION  <= click for details.
  3. If you complete *Application & Enrollment Requirements*  after  ORIENTATION, send an e-mail to Aracely Molina at <> to schedule your Application Review Appointment, providing the following information:
    • Student Name, Student LACCD ID #, and Semester & Year
  4. You will be notified by Aracely Molina, CNA Program Director, if you are qualified to enroll.
*Application is reviewed on first-come, first-served basis and evaluated on its completeness. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.*

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