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Welcome to Career Center's Online Job Board! Search for Jobs, Internships and Volunteer opportunities. Los Angeles Mission College in collaboration with College Central provides these services to Students, Alumni and Employers. 



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Students / Alumni

  • Search For Job, Internship And Volunteer Opportunities Specifically For L.A. Mission College Students
  • Search A National Database Of Over 500,000 Jobs and Internships
  • Apply To Positions Directly Through The Website (unless otherwise stated by employer)
  • Create A Resume With The Step-By-Step Resume Builder (or upload your existing resume)
  • Create A Professional Career Portfolio
  • Access Career Center Events & Announcements
  • Listen To Career Advise Podcasts
  • Watch Career Advice Videos
  • Read Tip Sheets On Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interviewing, And More!


  • Approved Employers May Post Jobs, Internships, And Volunteer Opportunities
  • Search Resumes And Career Portfolios
  • Register For Our Annual LA Mission College Job And Internship Fair Every Spring


All services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
For more information and assistance please contact Career Center: 818-833-3403 or


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